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We provide three levels of servicing depending on your needs.

Routine £54

Ideally carried out every 6 months, this is our regular service package for bikes in a reasonable condition which includes:

  • Thorough safety inspection.

  • Tyres checked and correctly inflated.

  • Chain lube application.

  • Gears adjustment.

  • Brakes checked and adjustment.

  • Bearings checked for signs of wear.

  • Summary of findings sent to you in a report.

  • Deep clean and polish.

Extensive £90

Ideally carried out once a year or every 6 months for bikes that have frequent use. You receive all the items from a Routine service, plus:

  • Wheels trued.

  • Remove seat post and handlebar stem (if quill type) and regrease.

  • Deep clean and polish.

Major Overhaul £150

Ideally suited to bikes that may have had a hard life or been neglected for some time and in need of a major overhaul, or an end of season care package. You will receive all the features of the Routine and Extensive packages, plus:

  • Strip and rebuild of entire bike

  • Hydraulic  brake bleed.

  • Service of all internal parts.

  • Deep clean and polish.

Please note, any additional parts are not included in the price of the service.

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