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From The Start

Hi. My name is Rob. This is me from around 1996. I've loved and grown up with bikes since before I could walk. As a teenager with low income I taught myself how to maintain my bikes in the best condition. My bikes back then were put through some serious use. I used to ride everywhere. I didn't bother passing my driving test until I was in my twenties. Riding was my life. Fast forward and I'm all grown up and riding whenever my busy family life allows. I've been a NHS paramedic since 2007. Too long. Trying to preserve my mental wellbeing in the current political climate is a constant challenge, but bikes have always been there to distract me, and keep me focused. To provide for my family I work a lot of overtime and it takes it's toll. I needed a change. Living in Stuntney I've looked after a few bikes in the village. A lovely neighbour suggested I advertise my bike maintenance skills and create a small business. Thus Ely Mobile Cycle Repair was born! I still work when I can as an ambulance paramedic, but my focus has been diverted to my new small business. Thanks to the people of Ely who have supported me as a small start-up, we are now able to expand our footprint and bring quality, affordable bicycle repairs to more people than ever before. 



By changing our brand to we are no longer under the constraints of a geographical area that Ely Mobile Cycle Repair held us to. Yes, it was my own fault, I never expected the business to succeed so well, and I probably should have spent more time thinking of a name. A common theme we've had to explain to our customers frequently is that, "yes we are Ely Mobile Cycle Repair, but we do serve other areas. Yes, even into Cambridge and Suffolk."

Our mission is to bring convenient, affordable, quality  bicycle repairs and servicing to everyone throughout the UK and beyond (we'll get there eventually!).


Cycling should be accessible to everyone, regardless of disability, wealth, race, or gender. 

No matter what bike you have. you should have the opportunity to have it maintained to a high standard to enable you to enjoy cycling all year round.


Over the next few years I want to expand our business, to get more people enjoying the thrill of riding a well maintained bike (to improve their own quality of life in doing so), to take on more dedicated staff to make our vision a reality. 

Two Man Bicycle Store
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